Fulfillment Network

Certified Technicians Receive:

  • Pre-qualified repair work within your service area
  • Timely payment for completed repairs
  • Real-time, online tracking of all repairs
  • Professional tool discounts
  • New business generated for you — with no direct marketing expenses

Mobile Technician Opportunities

Due to continuing success, Dent Zone is seeking to expand its mobile repair network. If you would like to find out if you qualify to become a Certified Fulfillment Technician with one of the best mobile repair service organizations in the country, contact Dent Zone today.

As a Certified Fulfillment Technician, you will be working with our team of highly experienced professionals in the mobile repair industry. At Dent Zone, we understand the two most important factors for maintaining the success of a growing, prosperous business: delivering outstanding customer service to industry partners and vehicle owners, and delivering valuable, quality referrals to our technician network. By utilizing the most highly skilled and experienced technicians in the country, we are able to provide the outstanding customer service required for success. Increase your income and begin accomplishing your business growth objectives today – join the team of professionals in the Dent Zone network.


Our web-based dispatch claims software delivers claim processing efficiencies that simplify the work of our Certified Fulfillment Technicians. This powerful tool allows technicians to easily manage the full process end-to-end, from accepting the claim to submitting photos to invoicing and payment, all without ever having to pick up the phone.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to become a Certified Fulfillment Technician, please complete the following inquiry form below.